Date(s) - 10/13/2016
8:30 PM

Doors at 7:30pm




Born in Navarrete, Santiago, Dominican Republic. At age 16 he played drums for his local church, which years later brought him into the realization that his true passion for music laid in singing and playing guitar.

10 years ago from today he relocated to New York. In a period of 8 years he has become one of the most successful representatives of bohemian music within the Dominican community in New York City; performing five to six nights per week at the best venues of uptown Manhattan. He has shared stages with many artists including Francisco Céspedes, Sergio Vargas, Pavel Nuñez, Rafa Rosario, Felix D’Oleo, Ruby Perez and Ramon Orlando amongst others.

His musical influences come from artists such as Juan Luis Guerra, Pavel Nuñez, Joaquin Sabina, F. Céspedes, Silvio R. and Pablo M. to name a few. He recently recorded his first album from his own composition called “Un Cuarto Para Las Seis”; which release date will be on December 11th, 2015 at Subrosa NYC.